We must think “OUT OF THE BOX”: Manish Sisodia “We must think out of the box for the homeless of Delhi”. These were the words of Sh. Manish Sisodia, Dy. CM Delhi, while he was addressing a gathering at IICC New Delhi, during a function organized by MARHAM (Muslim Association Rehabilating Homeless And Mistreated) on the occasion of World Homeless Day. MARHAM is a Delhi based NGO working for the welfare of Homeless. It started working less than a year ago but achieved a lot during this short span of time. MARHAM has transformed the lives of 11 homeless youth completely. 3 out of them have been reunited with their families after living on footpaths and night shelters in Delhi for several years. 7 youth have got admissions in National Open School. Mr. Manish Sisodia was the chief guest while Mr. Siraj Qureshi, President IICC presided over the function. Mr. VK Jain, CEO DUSIB, Mr. Bipin Rai, member DUSIB, Mr. Indu Prakash Singh, noted social activist & author of the book on the life of homeless called ‘Citymakers’and Mrs. Shaguna Kanwar were among distinguished speakers.
Mr. Manish Sisodia unveiled a campaign ‘EACH BLESSED ADOPT A HOMELESS’ initiated by MARHAM. Through this campaign MARHAM is calling the blessed people of our society to come forward and adopt atleast one homeless. If Delhi has 1.5 lac homeless, it has 85 lac cars also. So, there is no dearth of those who blessed with good life in Delhi. MARHAM thinks that the lives of these 1.5 lacs homeless can be transformed very easily with the blessed people of Delhi coming forward to help them. The deputy CM applauded the work done by MARHAM so far and promised full support by government in its future endeavors. He further said that the government, NGOs like MARHAM and people of Delhi should work for the cause of homeless rehabilitation together. Liaquat Ali, Gen. Sec. of MARHAM, presented a report of the work done and its achievements so far by MARHAM. Mr. Indu Prakash also praised the efforts of MARHAM. He presented a book written by him on the life & struggles of the homeless to Irtiza Quraishi, President of MARHAM with his best wishes and extended his full support to MARHAM. Ms. Shaguna Kanwar shed some light on the plight of the women living on the roads as well as in the shelters of Delhi. She reiterated the need for more shelters in Delhi. Mr. Bipin Rai said that he will collaborate with MARHAM & try his best to arrange for a bigger place for the NGO to carry out their activities. A film on the homeless and MARHAM ‘Condemned to be Free’ was also shown. It was reported and filmed by Adi Prakash.

The main attraction of the program was Shamsi Alam who conducted this program in the presence of Mr. Manish Sisodia and 200 odd people. Shamsi Alam was a homeless 8 months ago, but his life has changed so much after joining MARHAM that he was able to anchor the show with conviction. 8 months back he would not have been allowed on these premises.

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